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Volunteer Opportunities

New PTSO Board

President: Jyoti Rana

Treasurer: Madia Rios

Secretary: Sally Ordonez

Webmaster: Sarabjeet Singh

If you are interested in organizing an event our community would enjoy, please contact any member of the PTSO board. Some events held in the past that need volunteers to occur include: UPA nights at sporting or fine arts events, additional carnivals, family game nights, an "on-call" person to pick up items (like pizza) for teachers during class hours, guest speakers. If you have ideas for community building while we are distance learning, we welcome those. The PTSO is always seeking help with events and fundraising, including but not limited to:




  • Volunteer Coordinator - This person is the point of contact for connecting classroom needs (like setting up science labs or field trip chaperones) with parent volunteers. This person also manages new volunteer opportunities that come up throughout the year. Time commitment would be 2 hours/month.


  • Lost & Found Lead - This person collects lost and found items from the campus classrooms 1x/month, and coordinates with the front office staff to set up tables in an effort to reconnect our kids with their eternally missing water bottles (and jackets, and calculators, and keychains, and earrings, etc.). Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Traffic Assistance Coordinator - This person organizes a schedule for parent volunteers to assist with morning and afternoon traffic duty and communicates with the front office and Director of Student Services Michael Mansfield. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Carpool Coordinator - This person manages carpool needs and opportunities for UPA families. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Workplace in the Classroom Coordinator - This person would coordinate classroom-to-community experiences, either through arranging guest speakers from our parent community or connecting corporate partnerships to classroom projects. This person would also assist in recruiting for an on-campus/Zoom Career Day experience for students. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.



PTSO’s Goal for 2023-2024 is $150,000 (approx. $200 per student)


  • Fundraising Committee Chair - This person seeks unique and impactful fundraising events and opportunities that can be taken on by the PTSO to benefit the UPA community. This could also include promoting company donation matching or connecting with companies that are willing to donate items/funds for events. Time commitment would be 2 hours/month.


  • Spring Auction Coordinator - Solicit donations from companies and/or the UPA community for inclusion in the auction held at the annual Spring Social held in April. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Scholarships Committee Chair - This person and a team reviews applications for the PTSO Senior Scholarships due in April. They are responsible for promoting the scholarship opportunity and rolling it out in February. This person would also present the scholarship at Senior Awards Night in May. Involvement open to all parents except parents of seniors. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Jog-a-Thon Coordinator - This person coordinates the annual Jog-a-Thon fundraiser, typically held in early October. (Flexible date for 2022-2023) Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Boosters Liaison - This person aims to increase collaboration among PTSO, Theater & Dance Boosters, Band Boosters and Athletics Boosters in order to support the success of all groups. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.




  • Essay Contest Committee Chair - This person organizes community members to help read and evaluate student essays during the annual contest held near the beginning of the school year. Participants will not read essays from their child's grade level. They are also responsible for promoting the essay contest opportunity, winner announcements and prizes. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Ice Cream Social Coordinator - This person schedules the ice cream socials (usually 2-3/year) through the ASB director. They are responsible for arranging purchases, coordinating volunteers and setting up/cleaning up. The Ice Cream Social typically takes place during lunch or Seminar; availability needed between approximately 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 2-3 times per year. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Festival/Carnival Coordinator - This person and their team works closely with ASB to provide PTSO support for the Harvest Festival in November and the Spring Carnival in March. This person recruits volunteers, arranges for supplies (cotton candy and popcorn mixes, bouncy house rentals, etc.) and organizes volunteers to help manage games and snack stations. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Multicultural Week Foodie Friday Coordinator - This person recruits and organizations food donations from families and companies for ASB’s Multicultural Week Foodie Friday. All food items must be store bought or restaurant catered. (No homemade food permitted.) The inaugural event took place in March 2022 and the date is flexible this year.; collaboration with the ASB director is required. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Grad Night Committee Chair - This person and their team plans and prepares a safe and fun Grad Night event for the seniors to be held the night of Friday, June 2, 2023. The team is responsible for food, activities/entertainment (bounce house, etc.), and supervision coordination for the overnight event (typically 10:30 p.m. to 7 a.m.). Grad Night has been held at UPA, but new ideas are always welcome. The team will work closely with Director of Alumni Outreach Andrew Yau and the Senior Grad Night Committee made up of graduating seniors. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Student Clubs Liaison - This person ensures student clubs are aware of funding opportunities through the PTSO and works closely with the ASB director to provide student clubs with support in order to meet their goals. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Pizza Delivery Coordinator - This person and their team of volunteers would assist in picking up Costco pizza and delivering it to UPA on an as-needed basis. Throughout the year, many clubs, groups and organizations on campus host events or meetings where pizza is provided during lunch or Seminar. Availability needed between approximately 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This person would coordinate with Director of Community Development Laura Gordon Reska, who manages the school’s Pizza Request Form and ensures payment is taken care of. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.




  • Grade Level Coordinator (six needed) - Each grade level coordinator organizes activities for families in one specific grade level 1x/semester to build stronger family-school partnerships for that grade level. (Think 9th grade bowling night, 8th grade mini golf, 7th grade picnic, etc.) Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Hospitality Lead - This person assists the PTSO Board by organizing refreshments to be enjoyed by attendees at monthly PTSO meetings and develops a Community Coffee meet up schedule to increase opportunities for parents and caregivers to connect with one another throughout the year. Time commitment would be 2 hours/month.


  • UPA Night Out Coordinator - This person organizes school-wide outings 1x/semester and arranges for a group block of tickets at a fine arts or sporting event. Examples include UPA Night at the SJ Giants or Symphony San Jose. Another possibility is organizing a students vs. teachers/staff Kickball Night somewhere off campus. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Spring Social Coordinator - For people who love planning parties, this is a catered event for the entire UPA community and the spring counterpart to PTSO’s Fall Family BBQ. Plan the evening, promote the event, recruit volunteers, secure a caterer and work with UPA’s facilities liaison Jan Rogers to set up a casual dinner and evening of mingling held in late April. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.




  • “Adopt a Teacher/Staff” Program Lead - filled - This person manages the “adopt a teacher/staff” program where UPA families have the opportunity to “adopt” one or more teachers/staff members. Teacher/staff preference sheets are provided so that their interests can be taken into consideration when gift giving. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.


  • Appreciation Brunch/Luncheon Coordinator - This person works with a team to arrange for catering and set up/clean up for the Teacher/Staff Appreciation breakfasts/luncheons. Usually held the week before school starts in August, in mid December before winter break and in early May during Teacher-Staff Appreciation Week. Time commitment would be 1 hour/month.

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